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How Regen-360 enables nature to
do the heavy-lifting on your farm


Context is critical. 
Each farm is different.  Each farmer's needs and resources are important. We understand the transition to regenerative agriculture can't happen overnight. Decisions will be made by the farmer on a case-by-case basis.  


The preferred mix of crops, the soil type, rainfall patterns, altitude, and temperatures all influence the type of soil biology your farm requires.  For example, kale requires a low fungal to bacterial ratio, Maize requires one several times higher, and agroforestry generally requires high fungal to bacterial ratios.  There is no silver-bullet prescription that can be applied to all farms. 


At Regen-360, we take the time to understand how you farm and combine this data with microscope-based soil life audits to determine the mix of soil life you have and the optimal mix for your crops and fine-tune how Regen-360’s Suite of 7 practices is applied.

  • Laboratory-based Soil Life Surveys and Remedial Prescriptions

    • We audit soil life and biology – is your soil life the right kind for your crops or will it harm your crops?   Are the different groups below healthy and balanced for your crops? We search for and categorize each of the following soil life groups to determine if their mix can deliver the right nutrients for a bumper crop.

      • Bacteria (Aerobic, Facultative Anaerobic or Anaerobic)

      • Fungi (beneficial saprophytic or mycorrhizal or disease-causing Oomycetes)

      • Protozoal (beneficial or harmful Flagellates, Amoebae, or Ciliates) 

      • Nematode species (Bacterial feeders, fungal feeders, predatory, or harmful root eaters)

      • Micro-arthropods 

      • Arthropod 

      • Annelids (earthworms)

  • Is your soil dead dirt or is it lively soil full of the life you need to create healthy bumper crops

  • Regen-360s Suite of 7  – Life-giving ecosystem-service support to transform your farm into a highly profitable enterprise where nature’s bounty provides you with high-value  Beyond-Organic Regenerative Produce

    • We provide Farm Management and Regenerative Guidance Services to enable you to grow premium beyond organic crops, fruits, vegetables, nuts, and livestock

    • Based on your existing soil health and biology we guide you in crop and cover crop selections ensuring that your on-farm diversity attracts the life-giving benefits that nature has to offer.

    • We train you in Regen 360’s Suite of 7 which will reduce or eliminate your need to purchase expensive fertilizers, pesticides, fungicides and herbicides.

  • On-farm ecosystem service diagnostics

    • What farm conditions will slow down your Regenerative journey and how we can guide you to eliminate these constraints and enable nature to do its best for you.

Plant disease diagnostics – Above and below ground

  • What are your disease problems and which ecosystem services are lacking that enable this disease or pest to flourish?

  • What is required for you to enable nature to provide the services you need to control this disease or pest.

  • Soil Biology inoculants – We draw from thousands of species of beneficial bacteria and hundreds of species of nourishing soil fungi to grow your soil health and remove the need for fertilizers, pesticides, fungicides, and herbicides.

    • For use at planting

    • For use at flowering and fruiting

    • For above-ground pest control

    • For below-ground pest control

  • Earthworm (annelid) soil eco-system services

  • Training workshops for out-growers

Regen-360 Limited is a part of LTS
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