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Powered by the Sun, 
Guided by Science,
Taught by Nature


Our vision is to take Regenerative Agriculture and Grazing in Kenya and the other places that we work to scale, contributing to this rapidly expanding movement so that collectively we reverse climate change, help farmers and pastoralists increase their profits while creating more nourishing and tastier food for all.

Regen-360’s approach to Regenerative agriculture and grazing means that agriculture and livestock rely on soil biology and nature to do the heavy lifting including fertilizing our plants, controlling their diseases, and keeping weeds in check. And farmers get improved profits for their work.

Regenerative Agriculture emphasizes promoting and enhancing diverse life rather than killing life which is what modern chemical agriculture seems to be increasingly doing - killing beneficial bees, earthworms, and insects, killing fungi, killing bacteria, etc. Our Suite of 7 practices encourages beneficial life to kill pests and prevent diseases occurring on plants.


Simply stated, we create healthy soil.  Healthy soils create healthy, productive plants.

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Why Zero Waste

Farmers win

Farmers win by reducing costly inputs (they don’t need fertilizer, pesticides, fungicides, and herbicides) to produce higher-value chemical-free Beyond Organic Regenerative crops, vegetables, fruit, nuts and livestock.  Profits and satisfaction rises as farmers no longer suffer from the severe impacts of droughts, floods and loss of critical topsoil.

The Soil wins

Through enhanced biodiversity above and below ground we increase the numbers and kinds of beneficial bacteria, fungi, worms and insects, all of which are critical to sustained life on earth.  Unlike conventional chemical agriculture which kills life and the soil, Regen-360's Suite of 7 creates enormous biodiversity and promotes life which enables nature to produce chemical and toxin-free crops and livestock.  

The Earth wins

Regen-360's Suite of 7 results in large amounts

of carbon soil sequestration which if applied globally at scale, could actually reverse climate change reducing CO2 to pre-industrial levels.  

Further benefits accrue from decreases in petrol-chemical farm inputs including fuel, fertilizers, pesticides, fungicides, and herbicides.

Consumers win

Consumers win by experiencing more flavourful and nutritious food which is beyond organic and free of toxic chemicals.

Beyond-Organic Regenerative food results in healthier human micro-biomes.

Farmers in Kenya can re-grow healthy soil. Our Suite of 7 regenerative agriculture and grazing practices can help to grow food and fodder quality that is ‘beyond organic’.  

Our three integrated businesses Regen-360, Solar Floppy Irrigation, and Livestock Trade Services are purposed to “produce, protect and prosper.” In short, boost productivity and soil health through nature’s biology; protecting our natural ecosystem from the effects of climate change; and prosperity for all through healthier food free of toxic chemicals and fertilizers. 

A win-win-win-win situation 

Nature's beneficials

Cover crops attract beneficial & predatory insects 


For every pest targeted up to 1,700 beneficial (insects) are destroyed. Why not aim to provide a home for those beneficials to enhance services they provide?” 

– Dr. Jonathon Lundgren

By investing in widely diverse cover crops, we will attract beneficial and predatory insects that will significantly reduce or eliminate the need for pesticides.

photo credit:Dr. Jonathon Lundgren 

ecological architecture

ecological architecture_edited.jpg

Diversity of plants creates a diversity in soil life as each species of plant attracts different beneficial microbes which when cycled through the soil food web create soluble soil nutrients in plant available forms - plants use these nutrients to grow flavorful, nutritious and healthy crops.  

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