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The secret life of fungi and bacteria

Take a look under our microscope at some of the rich, nourishing life under the soil that nature uses to regenerate agriculture and fodder without any fertilizer or chemicals.


Soil life in Kenya is different from soil life in other countries and climates, just as soil life in Timau is different from soil life in Makueni. What is common is that with careful soil and land management, and with the right mix of soil biology, we can get out of the way of mother nature allowing her to grow crops, fruits, and fodder that are tasty and nutritious.  All this, without the need to add nutrients or indiscriminately kill crop-producing soil biology while trying to control pests and diseases with the chemical “cides” so common in agriculture today.


Also, the balance between the optimal mix of soil microorganisms varies with the crops you’re growing.  If you’re growing Sukuma wiki on one part of your shamba, maize on another and onions on a third area, to get optimal, healthy, and disease-free production you’ll need different soil-life balances for each.


The biology that can grow bumper maize crops year after year without the need for crop rotation would grow a poor crop of kale on the same field.  


Only through an audit of your soil life on each of your fields combined with the knowledge of your crop plans can we know what organisms to add to your soil to enable you to grow large volumes of tasty crops.

Curious to know what grows in your soil?  Call us: 0713 310274

Under our microscope: Some of the healthy productive soil biology of Kenya.  If you have these organisms and the rest of the beneficial life in the Soil Food Web, and strictly follow  Regen-360’s suite of 7, you could be having chemical-free bumper harvests equal or greater to those of conventional ag.

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