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LTS Group of Companies

Overarching Purpose to our Integrated Businesses: Sustaining & improving livelihoods through scalable Climate-Change solutions

Our Philosopy:  Powered by the Sun, guided by Science, 

& taught by Nature

Regen 360: Sequestering atmospheric carbon in agricultural soils represents an agricultural solution that is scalable, affordable, and immediate. Through this rapidly expanding movement, we can reverse climate change, make marginalized farmers and livestock herders become profitable, and create nourishing, tastier food for all. Regenerative Agriculture and livestock rely on nature to do the heavy lifting including fertilizing our plants and controlling their diseases and when the fungal : bacterial biomass ratios are balanced prevent weed growth. Suitable for use at scale and for smallholders, we are introducing our Suite of Seven practices to our 100,000-acre farm as well as several thousand smallholders in Kenya. We are also developing and fine-tuning a model to regenerate pastoral rangeland to sequester massive amounts of atmospheric carbon, increase rangeland productivity by 5-10 fold and re-establish inland water cycles so that localized rainfall returns to Kenya.

Our core offering is to help farmers .


Solar Floppy Irrigation: A climate-smart irrigation system that uses 29% less water than drop while increasing crop yields and reducing input costs (fertilizers, pesticides, fungicides, and herbicides). Since each unit’s flow control valve ensures even water distribution throughout the field and which results in less disease and, when automated through IoT-linked temperature sensors enables microenvironmental cooling from Floppys that can raise crop production by a further 15-30%. Most agriculture synthetics and biologicals such as Regen-360’s Liquid Life work well with Solar Floppys fertigation saving labor ad OpEx costs. 
Our core offering is to help farmers grow more for less.

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Livestock Trade Services LTS: Carbon Neutral Livestock We will produce Carbon Neutral Livestock at the Quarantine/Farm gate. It works like this:  Right now, sheep and goats take 3-5 years on poor-quality, over-grazed pastoral lands. By removing the male animals at weaning (4 months), and by providing them with high-quality feed and grazing, we can get these animals to reach the desired market weight of 30 - 35 kg in 12 - 15 months.  Thus, 2 - 4 years of methane emissions are eliminated. When fattened and finished on our Regenerative feed and grazing which sequesters carbon and is produced under water-saving solar-powered irrigation and fed powdered Aspergopsis taxiformis (red seaweed) we’ll reach or exceed carbon neutrality.​

Our core offering will be to sustain 3 – 5 million pastoral livelihoods while exporting 5 – 6 million heads of pastoral livestock that are healthy, hormone, chemical, and disease free and identified with a robust, blockchain-compatible traceability system.

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